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Star diet: Jennifer Aniston

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So, friends, we start the New Year with a clean slate. At last we choose the fitness center, we move more, we review your diet, ruthlessly deleting from it all "wrong", fat - fried, smoked and excessively high-calorie. The American actress Jennifer Aniston, a star from the comedy show "Friends", lives with that.


Jennifer Aniston diet

Yoga, diets, diets, yoga. Jennifer recalls "I really awfully ate — the actress remembers. — Cheeseburgers, fried potato, mayonnaise". But to receive a treasured role in "Friends”, it was necessary to reconsider the diet".

Weight loss zone

First, Jennifer said goodbye to white bread, white Sugar, refined oatmeal for breakfasts, white rice, and potatoes. Secondly, she included in the diet some vegetables (during the filming of the series "Friends", the actress ate vegetable salad every day for 10 years and almost I hated it) and milk products (the calcium and protein are necessary for anybody). Thirdly, the actress started drinking. No, don't think bad — Jennifer drinks ordinary drinking water without gas: "Liquid cleans your body and helps to lose weight".

The above-mentioned principles resemble many diets. But the one which struck Aniston, is called in Hollywood as "zone diet". The American Barry Sears created it. To get to the right "zone", Jennifer ate three times a day. Plus two snacks. The formula is as follows: 40%complex carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% healthy fats.

Jennifer chose this diet also because she, according to the nutritionist Sears, is very busy and cannot get a healthy meal at the right time. All the dish is easy to prepare, and can be in the form of nuts. As a result of such diet Jennifer dropped about 31 lbs. "The zone diet", according to its founder, not only helps to get rid of excess weight, but also reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases. However, as written in the press, "on the zone" Aniston had problems with her reproductive system.

Jennifer Aniston diet

Anything for a quiet life

And recently Jennifer Aniston become like who she was in her childhood. As a child she was fond of diet created by American nutritionist Tracey Anderson. All that was needed— 14 small portions of baby food a day: vegetable, fruit and meat. Plus one normal portion of an adult dinner (whole grains, salads with olive oil, low-fat chicken). The star, of course, doesn't mind buying mashed potatoes for kids in super markets: similar dishes from best quality products are prepared for the star by her personal cook.

It can be mashed pear with cinnamon or the dietary meat ground with vegetables. Do you remember the ideal heroine figure of Jennifer in the comedy "Just go with it"? So while shooting Aniston just ate like a child.

Would you like Budokon?

Jennifer — yoga with experience. Many years she is faithful to the Budokon system combining yoga, taekwondo and ju-jitsu. For company, Jennifer workouts with her girlfriend from “Friends” Cortney Cox, by doing yoga under the strict guidance of trainer Cameron Shayn — a black belt holder in taekwondo and karate, the former bodyguard of actor Charlie Shin. By the way, at one time yoga helped the actress to recover after breaking up with Brad Pitt. And now it is not just a lifesaver —it is lifestyle. "I am engaged every day for 20 minutes or three times a week — full workout — the star shares. — If it is regular exercise, I can eat anything". For a full fitness package Jennifer practices Pilates and jogs outdoor. And before each workout of east gymnastics she does a 20-minute warm-up on a racetrack.

Jennifer Aniston diet

In addition, the star refused to quit. After that, according to the actress, she put on some lbs. But she quickly got rid of the excess weight — of all people, Jen knows how to lose weight.

Results of dietary and physical activity is noticeable (Jennifer declared more than once in interview that thanks to healthy nutrition the condition of her skin considerably improved). Today the star weighs 117 lbs with a height of 5’5’’. And she has nothing to hide: recently the actress posed for the Spanish GQ in a swimsuit. And producers of SmartWater in the States a few years ago made Aniston "face" of the product and to this day aren't tired of praising the star figure.

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