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Star diet: Alessandra Ambrosio

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Alessandra Ambrosio dieta

Whatever you may say Brazilians are lucky: It is difficult to be a slow dumpling in the country where everybody "sit" on a samba and football. One of "angels" of Victoria's Secret, model Alessandra Ambrosio, loves samba too — more precisely, a mix of a samba, capoeira and Pilates which her personal trainer took as a basis for the unique Brazilian Butt Lift complex («A bottom tightening by Brazilian»). The result is obvious.


One can well understand that you will not achieve a desirable result only by samba — you need an elaborate system, including healthy balanced diet as well as calculating your calorie intake. We know that in Brazil they eat a lot of rice and beans - such a diet, according to the magazine "Obesity" reduces the risk of obesity by more than 14% compared to other conventional Western food.

I eat everything that I love

When it comes to food, Alessandra goes against all the odds in the industry: She eats cheesecakes, chocolates (the main weakness of the Brazilian), ice-cream, chips (she always buys darlings Сheetos at the airport before she boards a plane), she enjoys Coca-Cola and pizza. By the way, Alessandra's grandmother (Polish) regularly prepares fruit dumpling for her beloved granddaughter: Ambrosio even somehow joked that she is ready to start a "fruit dumpling" diet.

Nevertheless at height of 5’8’’ the angel manages to weigh slightly more than 110 lbs. Besides only four months later after the birth of her daughter, Ambrosio was already in bikini on Victoria’s Secret show. And her figure was in order. Does she have a trick?

«I really eat everything that it is pleasant to me — Alessandra explains. — But nevertheless I always know when to stop. And not to go too far, I take it in small portions. I do not understand those who go all out on diets. I am not ready to go on such extremes in order to have a good figure».

But after all she has the restrictions in food (though not radical). For example, for the sake of work it was necessary for her to lose extra kilos as a result of her pregnancy. Ambrosio had to completely change her diet, no sugar and no flour except vegetables, low-fat meat and seafood.

Lunch schedule

The most important secret of beauty and symmetry from Ambrosio is the ordered schedule of how she eats. Alessandra never misses a breakfast and doesn't advise anybody to do that. The best option is soft-boiled egg, glass of milk and toasts. Dieticians approve such an approach. After all, if you do not have your breakfast in the morning, your sugar will fall below the norm, there will be the so-called carbohydrate starvation causing you to hunger after rolls or chocolates.

It is good to not skip breakfast and to eat a balanced diet with more proteins (the same soft-boiled eggs which are preferred by Ambrosio). Such a diet provides the right quantity of sugar and insulin in blood.

Eat often but in small portions

Alessandra is in favor of fractional diets: She eats in the small portions, but frequent — up to six times a day. Between the main meals she takes fruits, nutlets or drinks protein cocktail with berries (energy value of a snack shouldn't exceed 200 calories). For a dessert she eats carrot pie or cheesecake.

For lunch the model, as a rule, orders vegetables and chicken, for dinner — low-calorie Japanese cuisine. For example, sushi, miso-soup or simply steamed rice. Periodically the Brazilian takes a glass of French wine. Certainly, she doesn't change her Brazilian cuisine: She adores a shish kebab churasko (beef, marinated in spices and large salt), tapioca soup (it is starchy grain prepared from roots of cassava) and a fish ragout in palm-oil.

Fractional food, as we know is the best way to control your appetite. Knowing that in three hours it will be possible to have a bite, you will automatically decide not to eat something harmful. Don't forget — when the interval between your food intakes is too long, the body starts to store fat.

Dancing at lunch

The angel of Victoria's Secrets never sits at one place. And her constant movements help to keep her in shape. Alessandra has a personal trainer Leonardo Carvalho who has developed a special program for the star. Training three times a week — this is a strict rule which Alessandra tries to adhere, despite the intensive schedule of work.

In Brazilian Butt Lift system in which the model is engaged, the special attention is given to the buttocks and feet. There are a lot of exercises with knee-bends, for heavier loads a special rubber tape which creates additional load of muscles is used. Overall, it is very dynamic and complex like a dance - Leonardo Carvalho developed the system for true, hot and temperamental Brazilians.

Besides Alessandra is a sports girl: She loves volleyball, surfing, skates on roller-skaters and on snowboard. And during her free days (about two times a week) she practice yoga. Ambrosio constantly uses anti-cellulite creams: her favorite — Total Fitness Slimming Gel from Yves Saint Laurent. And judging by photos which we see in glossy magazines, Alessandra's method works perfectly.

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